"[One of] five next-gen gurus who are disrupting religion's status quo... An ex-evangelical Christian turned openly gay atheist, this tat-sleeved lightning rod is leading the charge—through his frequent panel appearances, his 2012 memoir, Faitheist, and his activism against religious intolerance—to include his fellow faithless in interfaith dialogues." -DETAILS magazine

"If humanists ever adopt the concept of sainthood to honor their most impressive members, I hope that Chris Stedman is their inaugural inductee... He is a humanist chaplain and author who consistently tries to foster engagement and understanding between believers and non-believers and does so with remarkable diplomacy and tact." -Religion Dispatches

"The millennial who's busting every stereotype about atheists." -Mic

Chris Stedman is the author of Faitheist: How an Atheist Found Common Ground with the Religious. A humanist community organizer and writer living in Minneapolis, Minnesota, he is the founding executive director of the Humanist Center of Minnesota, project seeking to explore the creation of a center for humanist life in Minneapolis. Formerly the founding executive director of the Yale Humanist Community and a fellow at Yale University, Chris also worked as a humanist chaplain at Harvard University and a content developer for the Interfaith Youth Core. He currently serves as a fellow at the Sabo Center for Democracy and Citizenship and at the Christensen Center for Vocation, both at Augsburg University.
Chris has appeared on CNN, MSNBC, PBS, and Fox News, has spoken at hundreds of conferences and universities, and has written for publications including The GuardianThe Atlantic, Pitchfork, BuzzFeed, VICE, The Los Angeles Review of Books, CNN, MSNBC, USA Today, Salon, The Washington Post, and others. Details magazine named him one of "five next-gen gurus who are disrupting religion's status quo" and Mic called him "the millennial who's busting every stereotype about atheists." In 2018 Augsburg University selected him for their annual First Decade Award, which recognizes alumni "who have made significant progress in their professional achievements and contributions to the community" ten years after graduating.

Chris received an MA in Religion from Meadville 
Lombard Theological School at the University of 
Chicago, for which he was awarded the Billings Prize
 for Most Outstanding Scholastic Achievement. A 
graduate of Augsburg University with a summa cum laude
 B.A. in Religion, Chris has worked extensively in community organizing. As a young adult, he worked for Minnesota’s St. Paul Public School District, helping to coordinate their Gay-Straight Alliances and drop-in center for at risk LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer) teenagers. Soon after, he worked with a food waste recovery program and the Somali community in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and with adults with developmental disabilities in rural Minnesota. Later, he ran an after school education program for at risk youth on the South Side of Chicago, coordinating a safe space and resources for youth living in the neighborhood with the highest rate of violent crime in the United States. After that he spent the better part of a decade coordinating and executing programming for college and university students and local Humanist communities through his work for Interfaith Youth Core, the Humanist Community at Harvard, and the Yale Humanist Community.

"Chris Stedman is a gay atheist on a mission to find a common cause between the devout and the faithless... Stedman looks like what your grandmother thinks hipsters look like: rangy-framed and bearded, covered in tattoos, his earlobes stretched with plugs... [but he's inciting change] one inch at a time as he’s pushing with all his might." -Out magazine, February 2013