Jun 12, 2013

New Religion Newswriters Association Resource on Nontheists

Religion Newswriters Association—a non-partisan service for journalists who write about religion provided by journalists who write about religion—lifts up Faitheist in the introduction to their new resource entitled "Freethinkers: The next generation of nontheists emerges."

"Others argue for greater engagement with believers – for finding 'common moral ground between theists and atheists,' as Chris Stedman, a humanist chaplain at Harvard University, puts it. Stedman is the author of the 2012 memoir Faitheist, which is often a term of derision used by atheists for other nonbelievers who they say try too hard to accommodate belief."

Click here for a list of what the RNA sees as the top emerging stories and studies about young nontheists, as well as some of the leading nontheist organizations, scholars, and resources. What do you think about the issues that they've highlighted? Is there anything not listed that you would have included?