Jun 27, 2013

'The Humanist' Magazine on 'Faitheist'

Mary Johnson (author of An Unquenchable Thirst) reflects on Faitheist in an essay published in the new issue of The Humanist magazine:

Stedman chooses to focus on what unites people, without compromising who he is. He works for a world that will recognize the right of each individual to determine his or her own identity, and he demands of himself that he respect others even when they don't respect him. I admire that—especially since I'm not always as brave. Reading Faitheist caused me discomfort in part because it brought to the surface some of my own pain and unrealized hopes. The book often insists on the importance of telling stories as a first step toward building bridges... These are the sort of stories that fill Stedman's Faitheist, stories of a world where our common humanity trumps our differences, where we don't have to ridicule the other side to feel good about ourselves, and where each of us will have to do the hard work of dealing with our personal histories in all their complexity if we're going to learn to speak more from our hopes and less from our pain.

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